How to create the perfect website for your restaurant

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated countries for its gastronomy, which attracts both national and foreign customers who visit us. Due to this great demand for hospitality services, competition has been multiplying and the gastronomic offer has grown to such an extent that differentiation has become necessary. Consumer tastes have also changed over […]

Building your e-commerce team

The popularization of e-commerce has brought new profiles to the job market, many of them as an evolution of profiles based on traditional commerce, but also others of new creation.

Why contract with wabisabu

Not all digital marketing agencies are the same. Some are very technological, some are very design-oriented, some are small, medium and large, cheap and expensive, smokesellers and serious…

How to determine audiences

We have all seen in movies and television series how criminals are profiled in order to arrest them. The elaboration of these profiles is based on the detection of certain behavioral patterns that lead to the construction of an ideal type of person with which data from real people are compared.

Why it is important to maintain your website

El mantenimiento de tu sitio web es un trabajo periódico de gran importancia. Al igual que ocurre con un vehículo, una puesta a punto periódica nos va a garantizar que nuestro sitio web está operativo en todo momento.

Fly me to the moon with WordPress

Now that we have recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon, it is important to remember the words that, in 1962, just seven years earlier, gave impetus to the space program: